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MIDI Player

All MultiPlayers include the following common features:

  • MIDI File Playback: Standard MIDI File playback of file formats 0 and 1
  • MIDI File Recording of any MIDI data
  • Wave Player:Audio-playback of WAV and AIFF Files
  • Sound Card Connector: Simply plug in a wavetable soundcard
  • MIDI Matrix for making the right connections between your MIDI devices
  • Remote Controller for comfortable operation
  • 3.5 inch floppy disk drive (720K/1.44 MB, PC compatible)
  • Standard Memory: 1 Megabyte, upgradable to max. 16MB
  • SCSI-Connector to connect external harddisks, removable disks, CD-ROM etc.
  • Card Slot for Smartmedia Flash Memory Cards
  • 2 x Stereo Audio Out
  • Foot Switch Connector
  • MIDI File Playback
The Multiplayer plays back Standard MIDI Files of format 0 or format 1 with up to 56 Tracks. It is possible to assign each track to one or more outputs individually, so that you can use a larger number of separate MIDI channels, e.g. up to 128 MIDI channels on MP88-W.

Organization of Songs

You can manage even a huge number of MIDI songs easily by our built-in intelligent system. The songs may be organized in up to 64 banks with 128 songs each, or you can assign a three- or four-digit decimal number to each MIDI song. So you just have to enter the song's program number to call it up. Of course, you always see the name of your song on the display, too.

The assignment informations about all songs, such like program numbers, song name, drive and directory informations from where to load the song, output assignments of tracks etc., are stored within the assign file. As soon as the desired song program has been selected, the Multiplayer loads the MIDI file into it's memory and adjusts all settings accordingly to the data read from the assign file. The time for loading an average MIDI File from harddisk is about half a second.

Therefore on stage you can select any song out of thousands of songs which is ready to play in a split second!


By using the job functions, you may build song chains and insert some control events. Like Songs, the jobs are called up by entering their program numbers. They may contain several control instructions to run parts of or even your entire stage show automatically.


Songs can be selected by entering their program number on the (remote)control panel or by MIDI program change events. You can start/stop your song by using buttons on the remote controller, foot switch or MIDI events. Up to four cue points per song can be defined which may be used to jump to different locations within the song or to loop a part of a song.

MIDI recording

You can record any MIDI data and store them as Standard MIDI Files. The maximum resolution of 1/1536 note ensures that you'll get an excellent copy of the original data. You may also record other data than \"songs\", e.g. SysEx parameters of your synthesizers, expanders etc. and therefore use the Multiplayer as a librarian for your sounds, too.

The Multiplayers are able to record data from all their MIDI inputs simultaneously. The data of each input are stored into a separate track, which may be appended to an existing song, or used to create a new MIDI file. So you can record further tracks to a song while the already existing tracks are played back at the same time.

Wave Player

The built-in Wave Player for hard disk playback is an amazing enrichment for your MIDI songs. It gives your MIDI files an extra digital audio track, which may contain vocals or special effects that are not reproducable by any synthesizer.

The Multiplayer offers different modes to playback wave files. You can recall the waves from the Effects Palette (\"Jingles\") by pushing a button on the remote controller or a key on your keyboard, or you can use them as digital audio tracks of any length, which are triggered by note events from the corresponding MIDI file. The note number is used to select the desired wave file.

The MultiPlayer supports WAV or AIFF files, mono or stereo, 8 or 16 bit resolution with sampling rates of 5 to 50 kHz.

Sound Cards

The MultiPlayers are equipped with a SoundBlaster compatible upgrade connector, that fits any standard WaveTable synthesizer daughter board, e.g. DS-48. Simply by plugging in a sound card you can turn your MultiPlayer into a sound expander. You can play the sound card's voices by the internal MIDI player, as well as by any external source of MIDI data such as your masterkeyboard.

Audio Outputs

The MultiPlayers are equipped with two stereo audio outputs (A, B). All existing audio sources (Wave Player, Sound Card, CD-Audio) can be routed to either output A or output B independently from each other. If more than one source is selected for an output, the audio signals are mixed together. This allows to process one source (e.g. waves) by an effect processor, while the other source (e.g. sound card) is not affected.

Storage Devices

The Multiplayers can access up to seven SCSI devices, such as harddisks, removable disk drives, CD-ROM drives etc. The format of all SCSI drives is PC compatible, which allows to access the MultiPlayers's internal harddisk directly from a standard PC with built in SCSI interface.

The CD-ROM drive may be used for reading files from data CDs, as well as playing back Audio CDs. Even the audio playback function of an externally connected SCSI CD-ROM drive may be controlled via the multiplayer's remote controller, which makes the MultiPlayer functioning like a simple CD Player.

Card Slot for Smartmedia Flash Memory Cards

The Multiplayers can use Smartmedia Flash Memory Cards as storage media. Smartmedia cards with capacities of 4 MB up to 64 MB are supported. For such storage capacities, these cards may be used instead of a harddisk drive. For instance, an 8 MB card can store 150-200 MIDI Files, which can be accessed within parts of a second.

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