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Garritan Personal Orchestra 5.0 - NEW RELEASE

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GPO 5 is five times bigger than GPO 4 with more than 500 instruments!

A great way to get you started with virtual instrument rendering. While Vienna Symphonicsample libaries are  the state of the art, Garritan Personal Orchestra gives a full orchestra for less than one Vienna instrument. 

Garritan Personal Orchestra® democratized the creation of orchestral music by making a comprehensive collection of virtual orchestral instruments affordable. GPO 5 represents the next step, with many additional new instruments, techniques, performance spaces and reverbs, and instrument body resonances to provide the next level of breathtaking realism. Included are strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, choirs, and keyboards: more than 500 instruments in all.

 FREE and Fast Electronic Download, no tax or duties.

We also added some other Garritan libraries: Harps, Classic Pipe Organs, and Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand and reduced prices as well. 

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