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Okinawan Tradition

by - Discovery Firm

Sample CD

"Looking to add a bit of the exotic to a song? Need to create authentic atmosphere for a project? Discovery Firm's Okinawan Traditions has what you need." - EQ Magazine

Here's your chance to make your music as authentic as it can be. The island of Okinawa has a rich tradition of music. Okinawa has established its own culture by taking in foreign culture and this title collects the traditional instruments, folk songs and 'Hayashi' (shout).

The island, located in the south-end of Japan, 'Okinawa' has various genres of music. The ethnic music, classic music and folk songs originated in China and spread to Japan via Okinawa. The music there includes the tradition & the culture of the island and this new title covers all the depth depth and beauty it has to offer.

This title includes the following Okinawa traditional instruments:


Sanshin indicates Okinawa shamisen from China. It is a stringed instrument played gently with three strings and it is smaller than Tsugaru-shamisen. The body is made of snake skin. Sanshin is one of represented instruments from Okinawa.


Sanba is a percussion instrument with the excellent way of playing and the power of expression. It makes the hard clear sounds with various rhythms described individualities of each musician. Three pieces of board are just tied up by a string and it is played with hands with 5 fingers adjust with folk songs and the rhythm.


This is one of essential instruments in the same way as Sanshin for folk songs. There is a mouth piece and six holes to close. The other holes at the right end are for the pitch.

In addition, this library includes the other instruments such as drums, folk songs and Hayashi (shout).

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Stock#: 30123
Publisher: Big Fish Audio
UPC: 704271268823
Format/Platform: REX/Battery/WAV/Acid
Subject: World/Ethnic
Genre: Okinawan
Year: © 2003
List: 59.95
Sale: $54.95

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