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Bassoons Modular Series - DOWNLOAD ONLY

Sample CD

FORMAT: GigaStudio

The Bassoons Modular Series provides you with 142 patches with samples for solo bassoon, contrabassoon and bassoon section. Westgate Studios introduces a new series of richly detailed samples and expertly programmed patches. The Modular Series sets a new bar of excellence in symphonic instruments. While most symphonic libraries try to give you a little bit of everything, this series is different. Because each Modular Series product focuses on a single instrument, you get incredible flexibility and detail that is simply unavailable elsewhere. The Modular Series takes advantage of custom scripts for Kontakt and Gigastudio's imidi control to use specially recorded interval samples giving stunning realism.

 image i/p47151.jpg

Stock#: 47151
Publisher: Westgate Studios
Code: MSBS1-G
UPC: 7075419231255
Format/Platform: GIGA
Subject: Bassoon
Genre: Orchestral
Loops/Samples: 142
Year: © 2009
List: 99.95
Sale: $89.99

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