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Latin Groove Factory Vol 1 Afro-Cuban

by - Michael Spiro , perc , Ed Smith , drums , Russell Bond , rec

Sample CD

Snare Drum samples.

A smokin' set of Afro-Cuban drum and percussion loops and samples. Usable in many genres of music including dance, funk, rock, world and score to picture. Watch for more albums in this series. This CD offers the maximum amount of fell and groove allowed in samplers today. A comprehensive collection of authentic traditional and contemporary percussion played by Michael Spiro, drums by Ed Smith, recorded by Russell Bond, produced by Geoff Strading. Grooves included in Volume 1: Mambo, Songo, Salsa. Samples included: Afro-Cuban percussion samples and drum kits.

Styles include Songo 100, 116, 132, Salsa 82, 100, 116, and Mambo 82,100, 116. Plus multi-sample single hits of percussion instruments and drums.

The recognized de facto standard for Latin Music and percussion samples. This is the most comprehensive 3 volume collection of authentic traditional and contemporary drum and percussion grooves from Cuba and Brazil. Grooves from the cultures of Puerto Rico, Trinidad, and the Dominican Republic are also included in this smoking set of drum and percussion loops and samples. Produced by experts in the Latin music field, this CD offers the maximum amount of feel and groove allowed in samplers today. The project is laid out in such a way that even the lay person will be able to understand and use "clave".

Styles represented include: Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha, Songo, Guaguanco, Bomba, Merengue, Mozambique, Bolero, Salsa, Sambas - Cruzado, Funk, Partito Alto, & Batucada, Bossa Nova, Bairo, Calypso.

Percussion and Drums by Michael Spiro and Ed Smith, recorded by Russell Bond, Produced by Geoff Stradling


Many variations of style and tempi are offered. You can blend and combine these different loops into traditional or completely new musical styles. Both 3/2 and 2/3 "clave" patterns are included so that you can construct authentic Latin tracks.

Mixloops offer instant gratification. These consist of Drums and Percussion, or Percussion sections in various combinations. Special "Salsa" mixes have also been made that represent the typical way the percussion instruments are arranged, played, recorded, and mixed in Salsa music today.

The brave of heart can go straight to the individual loops of single instruments or drum kit, and build their own personal combination of Latin grooves.

Each Latin Groove Factory Volume contains a set of multi-Velocity samples of all of the instruments used in hat volume. These samples can be used to play fills that match the grooves, or to create your own new grooves.

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Stock#: 4940
Publisher: Q Up Arts
Code: QUA-23-444
Format/Platform: Audio
Subject: World/Ethnic
List: 99.00
Sale: $89.10

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