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Confidence Monitor, 2 LED Meters, 2 Analogue & 6 Digital Stereo Inputs

Complementing the Reference Monitor range are 2 new, high quality 1U rack-mount audio confidence monitors: The RM-CA2 has 2 analogue stereo XLR inputs and 1 unbalanced RCA phono input and the same high quality three speaker system as the Reference Monitor range, with separate class-D amplifiers for each speaker. The unit has a front panel volume control, a balance control, stereo metering and a headphone output with source selector. The RM-CAD8 confidence monitor has all the features of the RM-CA2 together with 4 x AES/EBU, 1 x S/PDIF & 1 x TOSlink digital inputs.

Reference Monitors

The Reference Monitor Range is a new series of rack-mount audio monitors, combining the latest DSP technology with outstanding audio enclosure design to produce monitors of the highest standards with exceptional sound quality, a comprehensive feature set and good looks in the rack.

Uniquely an embedded 5 band parametric EQ allows you to configure the monitor for your environment or to suit your listening tastes.

Detail In The Design

In the design of the product, every care has been taken to ensure the best and most accurate reproduction of the audio sources.

In a 1U rack, the propogation of high power sound waves in such a small enclosure could have a tendency to produce rattles or move components, but the Reference Monitors have been designed to ensure that their audio performance is not compromised.


A welded and sealed stainless-steel case with milled aluminium fascia provides exceptional rigidity and has been used to ensure that there are no extraneous metallic rattles. The lid is sealed with extensive thin foam cut-outs to provide damping to the lid and multi-point screw fixings are used to ensure lid rigidity.

The XLR and USB port connectors on the rear panel are sealed with foam, and silicon sealant is used on components which could move, or vibrate, under high SPL conditions.

Accurate Sound System

The speaker system comprises a three-way arrangement with two mid/high frequency speakers providing excellent stereo imaging and a separately driven, forward facing, dual magnet, mono bass driver.

Custom-moulded, profiled, HF enclosures are used to minimise standing waves and eliminate response peaks, and acoustic damping in the HF enclosures is used to reduce colouration, effectively creating a separate, sealed, infinite-baffle enclosure for each driver.

Each of the drivers is magnetically shielded so that the monitors are perfectly safe to use near CRTs and TFT displays and each speaker uses a separate, highly efficient class-D switching amplifier.

Even cable lengths to and from the speaker enclosures have been kept short to reduce any potential microphonic induction.

DSP Based Design

The use of a modern electronic architecture allows a much better audio performance to be realised. The DSP-based, 3rd-order active crossover provides perfect separation between mid-range and bass sounds.

A DSP-based electronic equalisation is used to flatten the frequency response and also enables the 5 band parametric EQ. Additionally, the fast-attack DSP loudspeaker limiter protects the drivers from overload damage.

Audio Modifiers

Six illuminated soft-touch pushbuttons allow front panel muting and dimming of the loudspeakers., stereo-to-mono conversion., phase inversion and Middle+Side encoding/decoding with all front panel settings stored in non-volatile memory which is recalled at power-up. A universal power supply ensures global voltage operation without adjustment.

Optional HD Expansion Cards

RM-HD1 HD-SDI expansion card & RM-HDE1 HD-SDI & Dolby® E expansion card

The HD-SDI video input expansion cards allow multiple AES groups embedded within an HD-SDI or SD-SDI signal to be de-embedded and monitored, either as linear PCM with Dolby® E or Dolby® Digital encoding (RM-HD1E), or as non-encoded linear PCM (RM-HD1).

The HD-SDI input is equalised, internally reclocked and re-transmitted to provide a reclocked output to pass to external equipment via an output BNC connector, allowing the reference monitor to be inserted into an HD-SDI chain.

5 Band Parametric Equalisation

Each product in the Reference Monitor range contains an embedded 5 band parametric equaliser.

On testing the units, they are set up to give a flat response across the quoted frequency range, but the parametric EQ allows you to alter the response either to account for poor acoustics in the room that the monitor is mounted in, or to suit your particular listening tastes.

Using the free of charge SCi remote control software, preset EQ settings can be selected, or different EQ settings can be created and stored.

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Stock#: 46257
Maker: Sonifex
Code: RM-CAD8
Platform: *
Type: Confidence Monitor
Weight (lbs): 13.00
Dim: 21.70 (W) x 7.10 (H) x 16.90 (D) inchs
Year: 2009
List: 1,552.00
Sale: $1,552.00

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