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Virtual Tonewheel Drawbar

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From Tone Wheel Sound to OX 7

With the advent of the Hammond organ in the thirties, drawbar mani- pulation of sound characteristics has been a standard in the music industry. Today musicians find themselves looking to the past for those warm analog sounds that only the old electromagnetic instruments could produce. Musicians such as Jimmy Smith and Emerson, Lake and Palmer have set an example for us... an example that cannot be forgotten. Now, in the nineties, this unforgettable sound has been reborn in the OX 7. From the labs of Blue Chip Music comes a new genera- tion of music instruments; innova- tive technologies such as the OX 7 and the AXON Guitar to Midi Con- verter.


For Keyboard and Organ

The OX 7 features two MIDI IN ports and one MIDI OUT port, making it possible to communicate with any and every MIDI-capable keyboard, organ or PC. Various registrations are possible using keyboard splitting for the three available manuals: upper, lower, pedal. The Leslie functions (Slow/Fast, On/Off) can also be controlled from a foot pedal switch. A fine tuning control and a jack for a swell pedal complete the rear panel features of the OX 7.


Leslie Sound and More

Every detail has been taken into consideration in the reproduction of the sound effect brought about by the old rotating speaker cabinet systems, better known as Leslie. The varying rotating speeds of the horns and the slower woofers, as well as that full, rich Leslie sound add to the already realistic drawbar experience. For “Sound Gourmets” is the feature of playing dry percussion effect. Or you can add a phase vibrato that, with or wkhout Leslie, offers you the functionality of Chorus, Normal, Celeste, Slow or Fast.


Live Performance

The OX 7 was developed with live performance in mind, making all the important features easily available. Drawbar settings can be changed while chords are held, and the held sounds are affected as it was with our old analog drawbars. All the typical settings for Percussion, Leslie, Vibrato, Keyclick, etc. can be saved in any of 32 presets, which can be changed at any time by changing a drawbar setting or pressing a button.


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A new generation of organ sounds is here. Every MIDI keyboard, MIDI organ, Sequenzer or computer can now have full control of and access to the old analog organ sound standards. Deep within the OX7, using high performance processor technology, are the traditional analog and electromechanical sounds of the 60’s and 70’s. Unforgettable warmth from Jazz, Rock and Pop entertainment are again available in a new technology, that has made possible exact reproduction in originality of these unmistakeable sounds in all their variety.


Mechanical, Analog, or Digital?

Whatever you love the most about sine wave organs, the OX 7 will more than fulfill your expectations. Four monstrous organs, virtually recreated in every detail: In Drawbar Sound Select Mode, you decide which of these great organs you would like to use, and then all the features and functions available within the OX 7 are applied to your selection.


Percussion and Effects

For percussion effect, in addition to the required 2nd and 3rd harmon- ics, you can use the entire drawbar system to create a percussion sound to your own satisfaction and taste. The decay time can then be chosen in three increments: short, medium, long. You can also choose whether your percussion effect is polyphon- ic or monophonic. The charac- teristic keyclick attack sound, which was originally a “mistake”, has become a standard “spice” in organ sounds. Each of the four or- gans in the OX 7 has its own key- click sound which can be set to soft, medium or loud. Effects such as Reverb (6 programs), Delay, Sustain and Pitch round out the big sound picture of the true-to-the- orginal organ sounds in the OX 7.

A Great Sound is Reborn!

In an age when everyone thought for sure that the antique drawbar organ days were over, suddenly productions began appearing in the charts using this un- mistakable organ sound. It’s that original sound — the soft flutes (sine wave) mixed with numerous foot registers (draw- bars) — that gave the old electric organs their characteristic warmth. No copy or imitation has been able to replace that original in jazz and pop, so loved by humanity.

What’s new is the exact reproduction, not only of the electromechanics, but also the analog tone generation. Not using sound sampling, as you might expect, but in actual recreation of the sound using Virtual Physical Tone Generation. This includes all of the characteristics and effects of the original, without which the sound would not be complete in its original form.

The OX 7 is not larger than a laptop computer, but contains four huge organs in their entirety, complete with Leslie cabinet (no speakers of course). For the live musician it’s a dream-come-true, to have access on stage to these orginal sounds without the massive transport problems, and all that at a very small price!

Virtual Physical Tone Generation (VPT)

VPT is a process, developed by Blue Chip Music, that is based on high- performance processor technology.

Using this new tech- nology it is possible to reconstruct in every detail the electromechanics or analog proces- ses so that not only the sound, but also the way the sound reacts, as well as all the sound effects can be exactly reproduced. In the OX 7 there are 3 x 86 single sounds available.

Depending on the type of organ being re- constructed, these sounds are repeated (octavized) and weight- ed. Even the characteristic Keyclick is available as a feature that can be turned on or off.

sine wave

Sine wave regard


Sound repitition


Keyclick spectrum

OX7 Virtual Tonewheel Drawbar

Technical Data:

Tone generating: VPT Virtual Physical Tone Generating
Drawbar Voicing: Hammond B3
Hammond H100
Wersi Helios/Galaxis
Wersi Spectra/Atlantis
Drawbars:16’; 8’; 5 1/3’; 4’; 22/3’; 2’; 1 3/5’; 1 1/3’; 1’ (nine ranks)
Percussion: 2nd-, 3rd-Harmonics, User: 16’; 8’; 5 1/3’; 4’; 2 2/3’; 2’; 1 3/5’; 1 1/3’; 1’ (Registration by Drawbars);Percussion polyphon or monophon; Percussion to Leslie; Vibrato or Direct
Leslie-Sound:On/Off; Slow/Fast; Speed up and Speed down Effect, for horn and bass rota
Scanner/Phase Vibrato:On/Off, Slow/Fast, Chorus, Normal, Celeste
Keyclick:Hammond/Wersi Keyclick, Soft, Medium or Loud
Envelope:Direct, Sustain and Delay
Digital Reverb: 6 Variations, Volume control
Presets: 32 Total-Registration-Presets with Over-Write-Function
MIDI: 3 Part-Upper, Lower, Pedal, (2 x MIDI-IN)
Distortion: Virtual Tube distortion, Volume control
Transposer: +5 to -6 halftone
Controls: Main Volume, Reverb, Effects, Fine Tune, Seven-Segment-Display for Program Mode and Edit-Functions
Measurements/Weight: width 23 cm, depth 25 cm, height 6.5 cm: weight 2.2 kg


Swell pedal MIDI-cable Footswitch

Blue Chip Technology

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