Emagic AMT8 8x8 MIDI Interface photo

Emagic AMT8

For Mac and Windows 95/98. Compatible with Logic and all other standard software.

8x8 MIDI Interface

The AMT8 is the cross-platform MIDI interface for sequencing systems that run under Mac or Windows 95/98. Eight MIDI inputs and outputs offering a total of 128 MIDI channels are a tremendous help in filling the needs of home and project studios. Stack up to eight AMT8, Emagicís Unitor8 or Unitor8 MkII together and they will act like a single 64x64 MIDI interface, allowing 1024 MIDI channels, able to handle the needs of even the most advanced professional studio facilities. The AMT8 is especially well suited for adding ports to an existing Unitor8 or Unitor8 MkII ó since you only need one synchronizer, provided by the Unitor8 (MkII).

Furthermore, the AMT8 is equipped with Emagicís AMT technology (Active MIDI Transmission): Connected to an AMT-compatible sequencing software like Emagicís Logic Audio, the AMT8 provides superior timing precision. And in patch mode the AMT8 can be used as a MIDI patchbay even without a computer: ideal for live situations. Up to 32 freely programmable routing configurations can be recalled via program change commands.

  1. In 8, Out 8

    The fast MIDI Input and Output of the AMT8 is located on the front panel of the unit. This allows for problem free connections with other MIDI devices and guest keyboardists.
  2. MIDI Indicators

    There is an LED indicator for every MIDI input and output, giving a clear indication of MIDI activity and signal flow.
  3. USB/RS 422 (Mac)/ RS 232 (PC) Support

    The connection lights indicate whether a Macintosh (RS 422), a Windows 95/98 (RS 232) or a USB compatible machine communicates with the AMT8.
  4. Panic/Patch

    A quick press of this button will send an all notes off message through all MIDI ports of the AMT8, cancelling any stuck notes (panic function). Holding the button down toggles the AMT8 between its computer mode and its patch mode.
8-Port Interface Two chords with three voices each are sent to each port

Active MIDI Transmission

The comparison charts show the timing difference between conventional multipart interfaces without AMT (MIDI TimePiece, Studio 415 etc.) and the AMT8 using AMT with Logic. All notes are to be transmitted simultaneously on different ports. Shown is the difference between the first note of the first port and the last note of the last port, depending on the number of used ports.

Stacked System

A chord with two voices is sent to each port

Systems Requirements


The AMT8 supports all Mac standards: It emulates MTP and is compatible with OMS.

Windows 95/98

Drivers for Windows 95/98 are included with the AMT8, Thus allowing almost all MIDI applications access to any of the MIDI ports.

AMT8 with SoundDiver

AMT8 allows SoundDiver bidirectional communication with each MIDI instrument via independent MIDI busses, thus enabling total recall of each song.

AMT8 with Logic Audio

The ultimate system for integrated digital audio recording, editing, scoring and MIDI sequencing with utmost timing precision thanks to AMT. For Mac and Windows.