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Industrial-strength multitrack recording and mixing

It's your music.
And it needs to be heard.

On CDs. Over the Internet. On the air. On stage.
Remixed in clubs. In films, videos and interactive games.

Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 is the new version of the industry’s leading multitrack digital audio and MIDI software. It’s the professional’s choice for creating, mixing and delivering music and sound in a wide range of media.

Wherever your next project takes you, you will find that Pro Audio 9 gets you there faster.

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Multitrack console for recording and mixing audio and MIDI

New in Version 9

Produce the maximum.

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New! Wave PipeTM Technology

Pro Audio 9 incorporates new WavePipe audio technology for breakthrough effects processing, mixing, and track playback performance using standard Windows audio cards. WavePipe eliminates system latency by providing direct communication to wave-compatible sound cards. Get professional-level response to mixing, muting, solo, record, effects parameters, and other real-time audio processing.

New! Advanced support for AudioX hardware

Beyond the performance gains achieved with WavePipe, Pro Audio 9 supports advanced audio capabilities provided on hardware sup- porting the new AudioX industry standard. AudioX delivers direct control over advanced features in audio hardware such as DSP effects, SMPTE options, low-latency mixing, auxiliary basses, and patching. AudioX-compatible hardware includes the Yamaha DSP Factory, Sonorus STUDI/O, Digital Audio Labs CardDeluxe, and other audio cards.

AudioX screen shot

AudioX console for Yamaha DSP Factory

New! Internet Delivery

Support for MP3, RealSystem G2, and Windows Media Advanced Streaming Fornat allows you to mixdown and encode to the most popular compression formats for delivering music and sound over the Internet. In fact, Pro Audio 9 gives you the highest- quality MP3 encoding available with patented Fraunhofer MP3 compression technology built directly into the application. The result is professional encoding at rates of up to 320 kbps, with complete control over all encoding parameters.

MP3 logo

Support for 24-bit/ 96 kHz audio

Enhance your audio quality with 24-bit sound. Record 16-, 18-, 20-, 22-, and 24-bit audio at variable sampling rates of 11.025, 22.050, 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz. With 24-bit audio at 96 kHz, Pro Audio 9 supports the highest resolution available from today’s professional audio hardware.

Recording and mixing console

Take control with Pro Audio’s multitrack console to record and mix your digital audio arid Mll)I projects. The console enables you to ann, record and mute tracks, apply processing effects, create sub-mixes, and automate volume and panning levels—all in real-time.

Add up to 256 real-time effects to tracks with included MIDI effects, 32-bit audio effects or any other DirectX-compatible audio plug-ins. Enhanced Mixdown options provide additional control for bouncing tracks, or for the final mix, such as the ability to niixdown to stereo, mono, or dual mono (independent left and right) wave files. In addition, you can specify whether or not to apply controller automation, volume and pan envelopes, track effects, master effects, and aux returns.

32-bit, real-time audio effects processing

Use 32-bit, floating-point processing for faster real-time effects. Use effects in real-time as channel inserts, auxiliary sends or master effects. Apply real-time effects to audio as off-line edits if desired. Effects include opti- mized 4-band Parametric EQ, Chorus, Reverb, Delay/Echo, Flange, and Pitch Shifting.

parametric EQ screen shot

4-band parametric EQ

Edit and arrange tracks fast

Pro Audio 9 gives you the flexibility to be more creative. Easily record multiple takes on separate tracks, then copy and paste different sections to create the ideal performance. Use the global Track view to quickly arrange arid audition tracks.
Global screen shot

Global track/clip editing

Real-time MIDI FX plug-ins

Apply real-time plug-ins to your MIDI tracks in the Console view. Now you can non-destruc- tively edit MIDI tracks and change settings on the fly. Real-time MIDI plug-ins can be used on input, applied in the Console view as track inserts, or used as off-line commands.

Version 9 adds time MIDI Session Drummer and Style Enhancer” plug-ins, along with Quantize, Delay/Echo, MIDI Filter, Transpose, Velocity, and Chord Analyzer.

New! Session DrummerTM

Compose and arrange drum tracks on the fly with the new Session Drummer MIDI FX plug-in. Just drag and drop to create and arrange drum patterns in real-time, or use it otf-line to arrange and save drum tracks as part of your project file.

Select from a library of professionally-recorded MIDI drum performances in a range of styles like Jazz, Country, Hip-Hop, Latin, Dance, and more. Each style includes intros, fills, main beats and endings. Just drag and drop to quickly arrange complete drum parts for playback or further editing.

 Session Drummerscreen shot

Session Drummer MIDI FX plug-in

New! Style EnhancerTM

Use performance modeling in real-time to give MIDI recordings a more “human” feel. The Style Enhancer provides performance models for over thirty types of instruments and styles, including guitar leads and strumming, slap and fretless bass lines, saxophone leads, horn sections, fiddles, flutes, and more.

 Style Enhancerscreen shot

Style Enhancer MIDI FX plug-In

Add DirectX audio plug-ins

When you’re ready to expand your suite of audio processing effects, just add more DirectX-compatible audio plug-ins. Professional-quality DirectX plug-ins are widely available from the industry’s leading software developers, including Cakewalk's own Audio FX plug-in series (sold separately).

Audio FX 3 shot

Audio FX 3 SoundStage (sold separately)

Waveform editing

Graphically edit any combination of stereo and mono waveform events on single or multiple tracks. View and edit audio at sample-level; split/combine audio events; draw non-destructive volume and panning automation data; remove silence; normalize audio levels; adjust discrete event velocities; add fade envelopes and crossfades; perform time/pitch stretching; extract audio timing; and perform other advanced audio editing operations.

waveform editing  shot

Audio waveform editing

Synchronize digital video to audio

Import AVI, MPEG, and QuickTime videos directly into Pro Audio 9. Features a video playback window display; frame-accurate sync of video to audio tracks; audio/video scrubbing; and exporting of video and audio back to AVI. Creating digital video sound tracks has never been easier.

video shot

Import and sync digital video

Produce film and video soundtracks

In addition to using the digital video sync features of Pro Audio 9, you can also “chase- lock” tool SMPTE timecode for frame-by-frame accuracy to film and video. Pro Audio 9 provides simultaneous chase-lock synchronization of both audio and MIDI tracks to an external SMPTE clock source.

Automate your studio with Cakewalk StudioWareTM

Cakewalk StudioWare brings a new level of studio integration and automation to the Windows 95/98/NT workstation. StudioWare lets you control studio hardware from within Cakewalk Pro Audio using a virtual control panel that emulate the hardware.

Pro Audio 9 provides Studio Ware panels for popular studio gear, and you can even create your own. Additional StudioWare panels are provided free on as they become available. New StudioWare control panels for version 9 include the Roland GR-30 MIDI guitar synthesizer and the Line 6 POD multi-effects unit.

StudioWare shot

StudioWare control panel for Line 6 POD

Create scores fast

View and edit your composition in standard notation, then print sheet music complete arrangements or individual parts in sizable fonts. Print 24 staves per page, along with lyrics, chord grids, dynamic markings, and enharmonic spellings.

Notation shot

Notation editing

New! Guitar tablature and fretboard display

In addition to standard notation, now edit and print guitar tablature with complete control over guitar type, finger span, and tuning. The customizable fretboard display lets you write songs by pointing and clicking on the strings. Or plug in a MIDI guitar or other MIDI instrument and the fretboard displays the fingering while you record.

For practicing and teaching, just load and play any MIDI file to view the fingering and tablature together in real-time. Even slow down the tempo to learn new parts. Includes major, minor, and pentatonic practice scales.

tablature shot

Guitar tablature and real-time fretboard display

New! Multitrack Piano Roll

With the most flexible and intuitive multitrack Piano Roll view available, you have the ability to display, select, and edit multiple tracks of MIDI notes and Controller data simultaneously.

Take complete control over which tracks should be displayed, the order in which they are layered, and which tracks should be active for selection, editing, or playback.

Point and click to edit notes, draw volume changes, velocity levels, and other MIDI data. Percussion tracks are displayed with instrument names.

Multitrack shot

Multitrack Piano Roll editing

Other editing views


Global Features

Editing Views

Integrated Audio/MIDI Editing

Audio Features

Real-time Audio Effects Processing

Cakewalk MIDI FX

Console View

Staff Notation

Sync to Film and Video

Import digital video

System Exclusive Support

StudioWare Control Panels

Internet Delivery

Audio Hardware Support

The Musician’s Toolbox III
(Deluxe version only)


WindowsTM 95/98:

Minimum Requirements

Pentium 200 MHz or higher 64MB RAM

Recommended Requirements

Pentium 300 MHz or higher, 128 MB RAM

Windows NT 4.0 SPS:

Pentium 300 MHz or higher; 128 MB RAM

Windows compatible MIDI intertace and/or sound card required Sound card required for digital audio record/playback

Cakewalk in a registered trademark, and Cakewalk Pro Audio and the Cakewalk logo are trademarks of Twelve Tone Systems, Inc. Other trademarks mentioned are held by their respective owners.

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