Digital Orchestrator Plus

Multitrack Digital Audio Recorder and MIDI Sequencer with Music Notation

Includes Digital Sound GalleryTM Samples

Multitrack Digital Audio Recorder and MIDI Sequencer with Music Notation

Digital Orchestrator Plus merges a powerful sequencer, a multitrack digital audio recorder and digital effects processors into one seamless program, enabling you to create elaborate musical productions with unprecedented speed and simplicity

Digital Audio Editor

  • Highlight an area and use standard cut-and-paste techniques to copy or delete sections.
  • Import WAV files, such as drum samples or sound effects and place them “right on the beat” with the Snap-to-Grid feature.

Digital Audio Effects Processors

  • Add sound effects processing to digital audio tracks that would cost hundreds of dollars to achieve with external hardware.
  • Digital effects include Echo, Reverb, Chorus, Flange, Gate/Compressor and more.
  • Create and save your own custom settings for digital effects.

    MIDI and Digital AudioTrack Editor

    • Record multiple digital audio tracks or import WAV files and place them alongside your MIDI data for easy editing.
    • Full editing controls let you copy, move and merge tracks with fast, simple drag-and-drop commands.
    • Control volume, panning, instruments and more.
    • The number of digital audio tracks is limited only by the capabilities of your computer system.

    MIDI Piano Roll Editor

    • Arrange and edit MIDI notes with simple mouse techniques.
    • Double-click any note to see and edit all of its MIDI parameters.
    • Music notation updates automatically as you edit.
    • Grid feature quantizes notes as they are added.

    MIDI Mixer

    • Reorchestrate music as you listen.
    • Each channel includes a pan controller and two extra dials that you can assign to various MIDI controllers, such as chorus or reverb.

    MIDI Event Editor

    View and edit every detail of any MIDI event, including controller parameters, key signature, tempo and more.

    Music Notation

    • Convert MIDI data into standard music notation and print sheet music on any Windows®-compatible printer.
    • Set transcription options independently by track.
    • Choose treble, bass, alto or tenor clef, drums, grand staff or auto select for notation display.
  • System Requirements

    • IBM® PC or compatible _ computer running Windows® 3. 1TM or 95
    • 486DX2/66 or higher
    • 8 MB RAM
    • 10 MB hard disk space
    • Windows-compatible sound card with 16-bit digital audio and MIDI synthesizer
    • Double-speed or faster CD-ROM required to install program from CD-ROM and to access Digital Sound GalleryTM Sampler

    Additional Recommendations

    MIDI-compatible musical keyboard For recording Microphone or line-level sound source for recording digital audio Full-duplex sound card to record and play digital audio simultaneously. Cornpanion files available on CD-ROM only. Digital Orchestratot Plus program supplied on CD-ROM and 3.5” diskettes.


    Digital Orchestrator Plus

    records and plays multiple tracks of digital audio and MIDI using PC multimedia hardware.

    The total number of digital audio tracks that may be played simultaneously depends on the PC hardware capabilities and playback sample rate. The table below shows how many tracks can be played on typical systems:

    Sample Rate: 44k 22k
    Pentium/90 MHz 5 12
    486DX2/66 MHz 2 8

    Mixdown Audio

    feature automatically merges selected digital audio tracks into a new track so there’s no limit to the number of tracks you can do!

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