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MusicPrinter Plus

Many have asked for a Windows program that can read MusicPrinter Plus files. If anyone knows of one, please contact us at mcsales@midi-classics.com.

About the Program

MusicPrinter Plus (MPP) is one of today's most powerful notation based sequencer programs for DOS, yet the easiest to learn and operate.

Consistently on best seller lists, MPP is highly acclaimed by reviewers, "An extraordinary program... MPP is an investment that is quickly returning rich rewards," Leon A. Wortman, Sheet Music Magazine, November/December 1991.

As leaders in the industry since 1988, MPP continues to be refined with the non-copy protected release of 4.1. New 4.1 features include: a new installation program to make getting started even easier; page view to let users view more of the page at once; automatic measure numbering to add measure numbers to documents; extended print to print more than one document at a time; PCX files to export to graphics and word processing; increased sound card support to allow MPP to play back through a wide variety of sound cards.

MusicPrinter Plus' standard of quality remains with features including: direct entry with a MIDI instrument, computer keyboard, or mouse; quick and logical editing of any size score, lead sheet, or choral style; publishing quality printing on a wide variety of dot-matrix and laser printers; accurate performance of artistic notation-rubato markings, articulations, trills, breath marks, etc.; professional level syncing capabilities - Song Pointer, SMPTE, FSK, CLS; multi-track importing of standard MIDI files directly to notation, and much, much more.

Fledgling musicians can easily create, edit, format, print, and play back their compositions. Professional composers, arrangers, and performers can use the same program to prepare advanced, complex scores of symphonic proportions for publication. The program's MIDI capabilities are even capable of driving the most sophisticated electronic music and recording studios.

To try the program for yourself, download a demo today!


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